School Fees



2020 Annual

2020 Monthly OVER 12 MONTHS


R 38 280.00 R 3 190.00


R 40 080.00 R 3 340.00


R 46 200.00 R 3 850.00


R 48 000.00 R 4 000.00


R 52 680.00 R 4 390.00


R 57 420.00 R 4 785.00


R 12 000.00 R 1000.00


A 10% discount for annual once-off payment of school fees before the end of January.

If You Have More than one child in Sunningdale Private School

2 children:    less 5% on total school fees due per family

3 or more children: less 10% on total school fees due per family

         A non refundable registration fee of R1 500.00 is payable before the learner is allowed to Sunningdale Private School.  Proof of payment is required to our email address for all payments made. This is an annual registration fee and is due every year for each year the child is at our school.Payable before the 01st of January.

Overdue accounts will result in the parent/guardian responsible for the fees, signing an AOD and the learner(s) will not be allowed back at school until all arrears have been paid in FULL and the parent/guardian responsible for the payment of fees being listed on ITC.

The school fees are payable monthly in ADVANCE. Starting end of December for January and ending NOVEMBER for DECEMBER.

THREE months notice in writing is required if the child is to be removed from the school. Alternatively, THREE months fees to be paid in lieu of notice. School fees are to be paid NO LATER THAN 7th day of each month proceeding the month for which they are due. If payment is not received by the 7th of each month, the school reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of R100.00 PER WEEK until such time as the fees are paid.