About Us

Sunningdale Private School


Who are we?

  • Sunningdale is a co-educational, non-denominational independent school.
  • We cater for students from Grade R to Grade 12.
  •  We welcome learners with learning difficulties.
  • Extra attention is given to learners in small classes.
  •  A caring, encouraging, safe, learning environment.
  • We also believe in a strong school ethos, shared by children, their parents and staff.
  • We have clear boundaries, reward positive behavior, encourage respect and consideration for ourselves and others.

Our objectives

  •  To build learner’s self-confidence and self-esteem
  •  Teaching learners to take responsibility for their actions and to treat others with respect, thereby  earning respect
  •  To be accountable in word and deed
  • To give of their best in all situations
  • To enjoy school

Our program 

  •  We follow the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) curriculum.
  • Computer education up to Grade 12.
  •  After school care and supervised homework.
  • Free extra lessons after school.
  • Admission
  • Parents complete forms providing background information
  •  Interview with the principal to discuss the learner’s challenges and strengths
  • Supply all previous assessments, school reports, remedial assessment and other documentation provided by professionals
  • Should no recent assessment be available or should the applicant not be able to provide documentation of previous assessment(s), the school might advise further intervention. The cost to be borne by the parents.
  •  The student has to be emotionally mature for the specific grade.
  • The student must have a complete academic, disciplinary and financial report from the previous school.